Nutrition intervention is key for your employees. Boost staff productivity, reduce presenteism and build a capacity for resilience.

Every staff member is being exposed to daily life stressors as he/she juggles daily work schedules along with personal and family responsibilities. This places intense demands on brain chemistry and body functioning. 

Research and wellness studies show the negative effects that long term stress can have on the body (physiological) and the mind/emotions (psychological). The end result of stress is a stream of chemical and hormonal changes leading to medical signs and symptoms, intense fatigue and reduced cognitive performance. This will of course affect work performance and productivity at the office.  

Presenteism – unnecessary cost to company

Most corporate men and women experience “presenteism”. This is a term defining an individual as performing at sub-optimal level and taking longer than it should take to carry out required tasks. 

If not addressed smartly with sufficient support and relevant information, productivity within the work place will statistically be negatively impacted.  This without a doubt becomes an indirect cost to the company affecting bottom line. 

Effective nutrition is fundamental 

Years of research show that there is a direct link between what you eat and how you feel. 

Brain chemistry is an area where nutrition, lifestyle and supplementation coaching can make a significant positive impact.  Nutrition intervention is fundamental here. Screening of health issues is important, but even more essential is to be able to give your staff tools to be able to change their wellness status and shift in a better direction after they receive their results.

Popular nutrition initiatives:

  • Keynote presentations

  • Biggest Loser or Ditch Diets Gain Wellness challenges

  • One-on-one consultations 

  • Vitality Mini Nutrition Assessment at the office

  • Executive Wellness Consultations for management team

  • Canteen audits

  • Nutritional content for work newsletters / online platforms / posters

  • Wellness Days 

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