You may be born with certain genes, but new gene knowledge can prevent the unwanted debilitating effects.

A once off, never needed again test!  Various genetic testing with feedback sessions. A great place to start before you get your meal plan designed.

  1. GeneDiet

    Obesity Risk, Exercise Response & Type of Diet - How to manage your weight, along with dietary effectiveness, based on your genes (e.g. carbohydrate and/or fat sensitivity), addictive traits, ‘sweet tooth’, fat breakdown, exercise response during weight loss and micronutrient requirements.

  2. GeneWell
    Health & Wellness, Cancer Risk & Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), Overall health and wellness predisposition (e.g. type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol, hypertension, bone health, caffeine sensitivity, salt sensitivity, blood clotting, inflammation and mood disorders). General cancer risk based on your body’s detoxification ability and estrogen metabolism.

  1. GeneRenew

    Anti-ageing & Skin Health – Detoxification, Pigmentation, UV Sensitivity, DNA repair and glycation. This test gives you an indication of skin’s sensitivity to the sun and certain reagents or creams. It also provides advice on skin care products that should be used or avoided. As well as an indication of collagen synthesis for firmness and elasticity

  2. Combo GeneDiet + GeneWell designed.