Christine has been a facilitator and guest speaker for our Strategic Women Leadership Programme. She has facilitated over 45 training programs in the past 13 years.The feedback we have received over the years from our delegates/audience and clients has been fabulous. Her facilitation style and presentation skills is at a high level and always appropriate, educational, relevant and inspiring. I enthusiastically endorse Christine as a Dietician, Facilitator, Public Speaker, Guest Speaker, Trainer, to any organization and I trust she will add value to any project assigned to her. 

Maggie Matjeke
Managing Director

 Christine is committed, reliable, responsible, and trustworthy. Christine remains one of the most passionate and hardworking dieticians that I know. She has always gone the extra mile for her patients and had a skill for translating the complexities of medical conditions and diet into something tangible and practical for any age group. Her passion and ability to connect and show empathy help her patients to leave her sessions feeling more confident and empowered to make necessary lifestyle changes. Christine has always worked well in a partnership and team and is also self-reliant, courageously championing herself and others. I have left South Africa and am now based in the UK. I continue to feel confident to refer individual patients or workplace wellbeing clients to Christine and highly recommend her as a dietitian, speaker or trainer. 

Celynn Morin
Celynn Morin Registered Dietitian, Speaker, Author

 Christine is a knowledgeable and passionate subject matter expert who added great value to our well-being intervention at Netcare Education Campus in Johannesburg. Her meal plans and advice are easy to use and implement. I can recommend Christine to individuals and corporates who are committed to improve their health and well-being one bite at a time! 

Amanda Roode
Managing Member at HEART Solutions

 Christine Stent Pinha fulfilled some contract work at Nestlé South Africa during the year of 2017 in collaboration with our Employee Wellness and Nestlé Health Science teams. Areas of work included: • Training on the OPTIFAST® Programme for Nestlé South Africa employees • Development of a booklet on how to use OPTIFAST® with meals and snack tips • Involvement with Nestlé Employee Wellness program: • Dietetic consulting/coaching to Nestlé’s Executive Committee members (NiMCom) which included one-on-one sessions followed by personlised meal plans • Dietetic consulting/coaching with employees on the OPTIFAST® Programme • Motivational educational session to employees • “Biggest Loser 12 Week Challenge”: booklet with meal plans and food lists, motivational emails to participants During this time, Christine was a pleasure to work with and highly professional and knowledgeable in the field of nutrition and dietetics. In addition to her warm personality, Christine, provided sound information, high standards of educational materials and motivation to Nestlé employees on their weight loss journey. I would highly recommend Christine as an asset to any dietetic practice, team or corporate 

Ms Lynne Mincher
Registered Dietitian Medical Marketing Manager Nestlé Health Science, East and Southern Africa Region (ESAR)

 I met Christine Stent Pinha in 2019. Christine contacted me to find out more about becoming a Diabetic Educator for our patient support program. I met with Christine, and her passion for people and for wanting to learn more about diabetes was so inspiring. Christine went on to become a Diabetic Educator for the doctors in the East Rand area of Gauteng. Christine is very professional and knowledgeable and is always willing to learn. She attends many of our Webinars which are held on diabetes to broaden her knowledge and to learn new trends. Feedback from the doctors whose patients Christine has educated on diabetes and their patients insulin use has always been of a very high standard with doctors asking personally for Christine to see their patients. Christine built phenomenal relationships with many doctors and was asked to do educational presentations for their patients at specific patient evenings. Christine has wonderful values which she portrays in everything she does and these include integrity, respect and courage. Christine can work in a team and on her own and is always available and willing to assist and support a patient or doctor whenever she can. This is always done with a smile on her face, a positive energy and a respect for all she meets. I truly believe Christine will be an asset to any organisation in any field. She will fit in and add value wherever she is. 

Bridget Wiggill
Professional Sales Representative Sanofi Diabetes